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Being Bogart

To cut a dash like Bogart, the first thing you need to do is throw a Casablanca party. You don’t actually need to open your own speakeasy: just follow these easy steps:

1. Create your very own take on Rick’s café: set up palm trees, vintage 1940s posters, and tables for Blackjack, Craps and Poker. Add a pianist (or a playlist!) and set the mood with 1940s favourites, songs from the film, and a few fun swing numbers.

2. Provide a selection of elegant cocktails: champagne, mint juleps and martinis are quite mandatory!

3. Provide a Moroccan-themed spread: couscous, lamb kebabs (boulfaf), eggplant salads and humus dips. White table cloths and rose centre-pieces show that old-world café feel.

4. You can’t do without some 1940’s lingo:

  • ‘dame’ – an attractive woman, sometimes a Femme Fatale, and a favourite word of hard-boiled Bogart film-nor types.
  • ‘heel’ – a contemptible, dishonourable person
  • ‘swell’ – excellent, used to show approval.
  • ‘square’ – an old-fashioned, boring person
  • ‘ to blow a fuse’ – to lose one’s temper
  • ‘Cat’s meow’ – something snazzy, wonderful or stylish
  • ‘Put on the Ritz’ – to dress up and act stylish

4. Ask your guests to put on the Ritz!  Hats, tuxedos and long sequined, beaded, gowns  and pearls will make the guests a part of the glamorous setting.

5. Remember, our very own tragic love story, chock-full of dramatic goodbyes and witty one-liners, is purely optional. The Bogart hat is not.